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Dear Alain de Botton, here’s why we don’t tweet about Descartes’ Second Treatise:

Sunday, April 12th, 2009

There is no Descartes’ Second Treatise.

(I’d have called this post Notae in Programma Quoddam, which is funnier, but only four people would have got it).

I must first confess that I thoroughly enjoy Alain de Botton’s works of popular philosophy. I love his writing, his way with words and ideas. Tragically however, he is a living philosopher that people have heard of. He is therefore being asked to comment on various contemporary matters, pretty much at random, without regard for whether he’s thought about them properly. Even worse, he’s being asked by Britain’s Sunday Times.

My own research is into collaborative technologies. I’m mostly interested in interaction design, and don’t know as much about the social side as some people, but I can spot a clanger when one is pointed out to me in a none-to-subtle yet hilarious and scathing parody.



Thursday, January 29th, 2009

Really, ouch. However I am now a big fan of the Sydney Hospital Hand Unit.