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Reclaiming Affordances

Friday, November 20th, 2009

The next time you are about to use the word “affordance”, please stop and check if the word “cue” would work instead.

Because if it would, then:
1. you are using an obscure technical term for something that already has a perfectly good plain English word, and
2. you are using that technical term incorrectly.

Yes, I know that languages are living entities. None other than the eminent Don Norman, despairing in his attempts to correct the misuse of “affordances”, has cited this as a reason to abandon the term to its abusers. Yes, words can change their meanings. Generally, I celebrate this fact. But not this time. Technical terms are different. People can start calling air “Oxygen”, but that does not mean that scientists should change the periodic table.


Postmodern Virtualities

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

An automatic summary (from the Mac OS X summarize service) of Mark Poster’s Postmodern Virtualities.

And if that’s too long, here it is as a tweet.