Literature Review: Design for Creative Collaboration in Virtual Environments

I’m finally happy enough with my first literature review to call it done – so, here it is. I’m new to this kind of writing and to the field, so I’ll leave the comments thread open on this post; any feedback is good.

Updating – I’ve extended my review with a section on future research, incorporating some wider reading from areas of study that I think have been insufficiently applied to the design of place in CVEs.

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  1. Zafer says:

    Hi Viv
    You ve done a good job of reviewing studies/ papers and categorizing them under comprehensive headings. When I read your literature review I get an overall view of what has been going on, however I do not feel you are making a point. In other words you would need a thread to gather all reviews towards an aim. Some questions I would think about would be What is my purpose to do this literature review? where do I want to go from here?
    In this paper I would expect to read more of your interpreations of the studies, therefore a critical review of what is out there, so that it set out the context and background of your proposed research.


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