On occasion there’s something on my mind but it’s not quite worth the effort of crafting one of the perfect jewels of deathless prose that you, dear reader, are accustomed to finding on this here blog. In days past you would have been mercifully spared such ephemera. No longer. In the sidebar you can now peruse my twitter stream. One keystroke and something under a hundred and forty characters later, there it is. Of necessity more tightly phrased than this – and that’s the point. I like twittering, but I love reading my incoming feed.

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  1. I’ve seen a lot of people describing microblogging being used for those things that “just don’t seem worthy” of getting their own blog post. It’s an interesting way to think about it, but I think it makes more sense to those with large stakes in the blogging world.

    For the regular blogger, Twitter and microblogging becomes the bridge between your posts. For the person who has never had a blog, microblogging is a new tool that can be used to start blogging, but on a much smaller scale and with less investment (of time and overhead).

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