Starting the PhD

This day I received enrollment confirmation :)

We would like to confirm that the University Graduate School (UGS) has received your signed letter and enrolment form, accepting the offer of a place in a Higher Degree by Research for Autumn 2008. UGS has now officially enrolled you into your degree program and your Expected Work Submission date is 31 December 2011.

Thanks to my supervisors Yusuf Pisan and Ernest Edmonds; to UTS for pin-code access to the ol’ Hallowed Halls; to the Creativity and Cognition Studios for a place to sit, inspiring colleagues and the coffee machine; to the kindly and far-sighted Commonwealth of Australia and the Australian CRC for Interaction Design for the scholarships; to the most excellent lecturers I had for my Honours year* and of course to Shan for proofreading all my papers, collaborating on my final Interactive Arts project, and pumpkin soup.

* Everyone doing IT or multimedia at UTS should take Toni Robertson’s wonderful class on HCI. If you’re at all interested in media theory, then Meredith Jones’ fascinating Digital Media in Social Context is a perfect excuse to read a swathe of mind-blowing works.

I was pleased with the opportunity to learn both Java and object oriented design in one semester in Robert Rist’s enjoyable, fast and rigorous Programming Fundamentals. Much easier than picking it up myself, no matter how nice the O’Reilly books are.

My co-supervisor Ernest Edmonds took us for Interactive Arts – quite lovely to have this one available to IT students. Thanks to my group and especially Doreen Ee for a satisfying final project, which we’re now carrying on to a finished work worthy of exhibition in beta_space.

Finally, the two “how to do research” subjects (IT Research Methods and IT Research Preparation; I count myself very fortunate to have had the guidance of Barry Jay and Teresa Dovey as I try to get my head around what that means.

OK, that was a lot of thanks, but at least I was only making a blog post, not a speech :)

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