Utzon’s Studio as a Collaborative Virtual Environment

I’ve been reading about various real collaborative places lately, in an attempt to discover what makes them work, and what elements of those can be applied to CVEs. The studios of the Dada movement at the turn of the last century must have been something; I’ve found a few images but not enough to do much with yet. However there’s a fabulous archive of imagery at the NSW State Library covering Jørn Utzon’s studio in Hellebæk, where his small team brought the Sydney Opera House into being. Enough in fact that I’ve been able to reconstruct scenes from the studio. IE2007 is coming up, so I’ve proposed to show the virtual reconstruction of the studio as a demo there (4.6MB PDF).

Update: the demo has been accepted – here is the revised edition for publication (3.7MB PDF).

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  1. ErikC says:

    What a small world it is! I wrote my first masters on Nordic Architecture, and presented at the First Utzon Symposium in Aalborg a couple of years ago, Utzon was too old to attend but Tobias Faber and his son attended.
    The Utzon centre may still be going, not sure.

    His son showed photos of 3 or 4 foot long plywood models of the Sydney opera house the kids used as boogie boards when Utzon was in Sydney.

    You may also be interested in Aalto’s studio, it was constructed around an outdoor projection space.

    Good luck with IE, now I really am jealous!

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